The Agency

Live the life of a spy for one day!In The Agency, 10 players become secret agents facing a 60-minute classified challenge. All agents must use their training and ingenuity to complete the mission. Fail to escape The Agency before time runs out and your superiors will deny your very existence to cover keep the challenge under wraps. Make your move!

The Newsroom

In The Newsroom, 12 players must hunt down the story of the year. An audience will be watching and waiting as you use a reporter’s dogged determination to find clues. Hurry or you may very well become the next news blooper!

The Dig

The Dig is one of our newest rooms! A group of 8 passionate excavators are in the depths of the Earth, left in the dark (in more ways than one). Your team will have to solve a mystery as you make your way back to the surface. Discover what secrets await those brave enough to face the cavern. Can your ideas help light the way out in under 60 minutes?

The Apartment

You and seven other guests will have to look past the cozy settings to find the hidden clues. After stopping for a social call at The Apartment, you may never look at any apartment the same way again. You’ll have 60 minutes to find your way to freedom.

About Escape The Room

Escape the Room’s four exclusive escape room experiences filled with secrets and mystery, but we operate with full disclosure when it comes to informing you about who we are and what we do as the original escape room in Pittsburgh. Just don’t expect to have any information handed to you when it comes to making your way out of The Dig, The Apartment, The Newsroom, or The Agency.