What is Escape the Room?

Phoenix’s Escape The Room is a game designed to push your mind to extreme levels of fun by creating unique problem-solving puzzles. Our team’s goal is to make players fall in love with games again. We offer a number of themes, aka escape rooms, at our Scottsdale and Chandler locations. You can play The Agency, Jurassic Escape, The Dig, The Submarine, Western Bank Heist, The Theater, The Clock Tower, and Outbreak. We hope you’ll have so much fun playing one of our escape games that you’ll try your hand at others!

What sets Escape The Room AZ’s escape rooms apart from other real-life gaming experiences is that you are in control of the outcome of the game. Escape rooms are designed to lock players inside a room where they’ll have to race against the clock (60 minutes) to find hidden objects, solve puzzles and escape the room. Uncovering the room’s secrets to find an escape is entirely up to the players. Observation skills and logic are great allies to help you escape the room before time runs out!

You pick which room you want to play. We lock you in. You use your wit and cunning to solve the puzzles that will lead to your release. Although you are locked into the escape room of your choosing, you can ask to be let out at any time if you or someone else in your group feel uncomfortable during the course of the game. Our team puts your safety and comfort first.

Once the room is locked, you have 60 minutes to uncover clues and solve puzzles. It’s up to your team to crack the code in time! No cheat codes and no unfair advantages will be given by our team!

Gather your friends, family, or coworkers and book the room of your choice at our Scottsdale or Chandler locations. All of our rooms in have their own unique and fun puzzles to solve, so choose one and book the time open for your group.

All of our rooms are private, no other groups will be allowed to join your group once you have purchased tickets for your game.

Your confirmation receipt will tell you which location your game is at. Our two location addresses are 7017 E Main St. & 3157 W Chandler Blvd.

All of our rooms except for “The Dig” are handicapped accessible. “The Dig” requires the players to ascend a spiral staircase to access that room.

Though all of our puzzles are designed for adult minds, we welcome all ages. However, if any member of your party is 14 years of age or under, there must be at least one adult chaperone to accompany them.

1) All games are completely private, and you won’t interact with anyone you didn’t bring. Games are scheduled so you won’t share the lobby with any other teams. We ask that you come exactly at your designated time to help us with this.

2) Our staff will have their temperature taken when showing up to work. Anyone with a fever or not feeling well will be sent home. Staff will be taking every precaution available to maintain safety like wearing masks and staying 6 feet away from customers and other employees.

3) Hand sanitizer will be readily available for both staff and patrons.

4) We will provide masks and disposable gloves for any player requesting them.

5) We have added additional time between games to make sure we can thoroughly clean and sanitize the rooms after each and every game.

6) We will be utilizing both UV sanitizing wands along with applying antimicrobial solutions with an atomizing mist system used in doctor’s offices proved to be far superior than trigger style spray bottles (currently we are the only escape room company incorporating this into our disinfecting routine).

Sunday through Friday, escape room bookings require a minimum of 2 people.  Saturday escape room bookings require a minimum of 4 people.


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Have you had the chance to try and escape every room at Escape the Room? Every room has a different theme and difficulty level, and will provide a completely unique escape room experience. Whether you are robbing a bank or escaping the dig, you and your team are in for a challenge. Can you get in and out in 60 minutes or less? See if you can escape them all!

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