Escape the Room Philadelphia: Team Building

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Team building activities are critical for fostering the proper relationships in the workplace and increasing morale and productivity. Are you and your company looking for some amazing, novel team building activities in the Philadelphia area? If so, please contact us at Escape The Room! We offer a real-life escape experience ready to be solved by a team of you and your coworkers!

We have held a few Philadelphia corporate team building events for companies like PayPal, Comcast, Hilton, TIAA, Kellogg’s, Aramark, Chase, ABC, Cigna and even Urban Outfitters! If you happen to need a different approach to make your organization more cohesive, please come to book an escape room ASAP!

If this type of interactive puzzle sounds like the perfect experience for you, feel free to contact us to book a room as soon as possible!

For more info call us on: 267.603.4355

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