The Dig

A brave group of 8 excavators have been called to the deepest depth of the Earth. To escape The Dig, you’ll have to solve mysteries and make your way to the surface using their problem solving skills as a team. This escape room is our newest concept so give it a go! You’ve got 60 minutes to dig your way to escape this room!

The Agency

10 players are thrown into a thrilling spy challenge. You must complete your mission as a team in under 60-minutes or risk your superiors denying your very existence! Failing to escape The Agence is not an option. Proceed with caution and a James Bond-like flair.

The Apartment

Come in, we’ve been expecting you! The Apartment is no social call. You and seven other guests will have to look beyond the intimate and cozy setting of this escape room to uncover clues and earn your freedom. Don’t overstay your welcome: you’ve got 60 minutes to escape!

The Rec Room

Stranger Things isn’t the only 80’s throwback folks are talking about! Combine your skills with 7 others to see if you have what it takes to really escape the The Rec Room. The only problem is you only have 60 minutes or you could be stuck in the 80’s forever!

About Escape The Room

Escape The Room’s escape room experiences provide some great adventures. We operate with full disclosure but don’t expect to have any extra clues or help when it comes to making your way out of The Agency, The Dig, The Apartment or The Rec Room! Come in and enjoy devious mystery games created to entertain you.