Escape The Room’s seven Houston midtown and four Woodlands exclusive escape room experiences are filled with secrets, mystery, and fun, and we are open and honest when it comes to informing you about who we are and what we do as the original escape room in Houston and The Woodlands. Just don’t expect to have any information handed to you when it comes to making your escape.



Houston’s Escape The Room first offered participants a new social gaming opportunity in January 2015 at our Midtown location. Escape The Room in The Woodlands opened in 2017 to provide another amazing escape experience to the vast population of Houston. As home-base to one of our founders, the Magnolia City had to receive not just one, but two of our premium escape experiences. The people of Houston are those who accept a challenge. From NASA to the most Fortune 500 companies in the country, Escape The Room Texas provides that challenge and air conditioning.



While Escape the Room continues to grow and provide its unique gaming experience across the country in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., St. Louis and Milwaukee, Houston boasts the most total rooms between the two locations. The Midtown and Woodlands locations boast 12 rooms with nine unique themes to play! Much like everything else in Texas; Houston does it bigger and better (Dallas-Fort Worth only has nine rooms and eight unique themes).

The MVP James Harden, World Series Champions and many members of the Houston Texans have all tried their hands at our escape rooms, but not all of them were able to escape. Will you be able to do better?



We have seven escape rooms at the Midtown Location: The Dig, Jurassic Escape, The Apartment, The Rec Room, The Agency, Meltdown, and The Theater. Each room has its own setting, secrets, storyline, and escape route. For instance, you’ll have 60 minutes to escape an entire decade in The Rec Room while the minutes to curtain call tick away in The Theater. If you don’t mind taking a trip into the heart of the earth, The Dig offers the perfect ambiance. See how quickly an ordinary residence can become a claustrophobic yet perfectly decorated domicile of doom in The Apartment. You’ll take on the role of a secret agent on a classified mission in The Agency or save the city from an impending nuclear plant meltdown in Meltdown.

The Woodlands location boasts four escape rooms: The Theater, The Submarine, Western Bank Heist and The Clock Tower. With the Theater being the only room that is in both locations, you can test your skill in the all our rooms for more challenges. Try to outwit a deranged sea captain in The Submarine, rob an 1800’s bank in The Western Bank heist or help a crazy timekeeper caught in a time loop in The Clock Tower.

Regardless of which room you choose, you’ll have 60 minutes to search for clues and make an escape before time runs out. After you’ve successfully triumphed over one challenge, we hope to see you back for the other mysteries that await in our other rooms.



There are few activities that are truly inclusive of groups from four people to 12 people and our escape rooms are perfect for whichever group wants to take our challenges. Bring the softball team to celebrate another city championship or get a group of friends together for a unique cerebral workout. It doesn’t matter if its friends, family or co-workers, any of our escape rooms will help bring groups together as you try to escape. If you have questions about booking large groups please send any team building questions to us in our Contact Us form.

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“I was pretty skeptical with doing an Escape the Room but this ended up being a lot of fun. The employees were friendly and we finished with only 33 seconds. It is definitely challenging and I look forward to trying some of the more themed rooms.”

Tyler Falkenhagen

“Absolutely loved this place!!! Went with co-workers as a team building event and ending up immensely enjoying it! Highly recommend for more than just work related events.”

Melissa Parraz

“Fantastic time. Great company with consistent quality between offices. We’ve done escape rooms with them in Dallas, Houston, and Boston!”

Chang Liu

“The staff is so great and the puzzles are sooo amazing. Definitely would reccomend and we ARE coming back.”

Nahshon Spencer
Apostrophe - About

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