What is Escape The Room?

Detroit’s Escape The Room energizes and excites players’ love of games in a number of different themed escape rooms. You and your friends can choose between The Agency, The Dig, or our newest room The Rec Room. Once you’ve successfully escaped one room, we hope you’ll try your hand at others.

What is an 'escape room'?

What sets escape rooms apart from other real-life gaming experiences is that players are in control of the outcome of the game. Simply put, escape rooms are designed to lock players inside a room where they’ll have to race against the clock to uncover secrets and clues to help them escape. It is up to the players to use logic and powers of observation to uncover the room’s secrets and solve the puzzles to earn their freedom before time runs out.

How do escape rooms work?

Teams will have to work together and combine their wits to successfully free themselves before time runs out. While you will essentially be locked inside a room, know that you may ask to be let out if you or anyone else feel uncomfortable for any reason during the course of the game. Your safety and comfort are among our highest priorities.

How do you get out of an escape room?

Once locked in the room, you will have 60 minutes to search for clues and solve puzzles, hopefully leading to your escape. It is in you and your friends’ hands to solve all the puzzles before time runs out.

And if you don’t solve all the puzzles in time, we’ll open the door for you.

How can I play Escape The Room?

Gather your friends, family, or coworkers and book the room of your choice. Each of our exclusive rooms has a fully immersive atmosphere and unique story to set the stage for your adventure. Escape rooms are the perfect chance to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and have fun!

You are not, however, required to buy all of the tickets available for a room in order to play. Buy as many or as little tickets as you like. Your group will be added into a game with others who bought tickets for that room.

What if I only want my group in an escape room?

Find a date and time with all of the tickets available and purchase the entire block of tickets.

Do you have any age restrictions?

In order to play without an adult, children must be 15 years old or older. If you have any children 10 or under in your group, we ask that you buy out the entire room in order to make it a private game.

Are the rooms scary?

No. The rooms are created to engage your brain and give you a truly immersive experience. We are not here to scare you and nothing in the rooms will do that.

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