The Apartment


After stopping for a social call at The Apartment, you may never look at any apartment the same way again. You and seven other “guests” will have to look past the escape room’s intimate and cozy setting to uncover clues to earn your freedom in under 60 minutes.

The Rec Room

Everybody wants to get out of the 80’s. Combine your skills with 7 others to see if you have what it takes to really escape the 80’s in The Rec Room. The only problem is you only have 60 minutes or you could be stuck there forever!

The Newsroom

In The Newsroom, 12 other players to become the top story. You’ll have an audience watching and waiting as you use a reporter’s dogged determination to find clues and make escape within 60 minutes. Will your trending news hashtag be one of success, or failure?

About Escape The Room

Escape The Room’s three exclusive escape room experiences are filled with secrets and mystery, but we operate with full disclosure when it comes to informing you about who we are and what we do as the original escape room in Atlanta. Just don’t expect to have any information handed to you when it comes to making your way out of The Dig, The Apartment, The Newsroom, or The Agency.