The Dig

The Dig is one of our most exhilarating rooms. You’ll have to solve a mystery as you make your way our of the depth of the Earth. Can you find the light in under 60 minutes? Your team is a small group of 8 excavators who can’t be left in the dark any longer!

The Agency

10 players, one highly classified mission, 60 minutes. In The Agency, all agents must complete a mission using their training and ingenuity. Warning, should you fail to escape The Agency in time, the bureau will be forced to disavow your very existence!

The Apartment

Make no mistake, you’re not stopping by The Apartment for a run-of-the-mill social call. You and seven other guests may never look at any apartment the same away again after this adventure. Your team will have to look past the room’s intimate and cozy setting to uncover clues and find a way out in under 60 minutes.

The Rec Room

There’s Stranger Things going on in The Rec Room. You and 7 others will see if you really have what it takes to escape the 80’s in The Rec Room. There’s only one slight problem: if you can’t make it out in 60 minutes or under, you could be stuck there forever!

About Escape The Room

Escape The Room’s designed four exclusive escape room experiences. Each is filled with secrets and mystery. Don’t expect to get any extra help from us though! We are very transparent about how our escape rooms work but we don’t like to help players cheat! It wouldn’t be fun if that were the case.