The Apartment


After stopping for a social call at The Apartment, you may never look at any apartment the same way again. You and seven other “guests” will have to look past the escape room’s intimate and cozy setting to uncover clues to earn your freedom in under 60 minutes.

The Clock Tower

Take a fabulous trip through time in The Clock Tower. The timekeeper has been stuck in a time warp and needs your help to get things back on track. This time loop is for 10 players. Can you rally your team to help the timekeeper and escape in under 60 minutes?

The Dig

A group of 10 excavators has been called to the deep and harrowing depths of the earth where they’re left in the dark in more ways than one. The Dig is one of our most exhilarating rooms where you’ll have the opportunity to solve a mystery as you make your way to salvation and the upper surface. Can your ideas help light the way out in under 60 minutes?

About Escape The Room

Escape The Room’s three exclusive escape rooms are like no game you’ve ever played. You’ll have to use your powers of observation, cunning, and wit to be able to get out our rooms. As the original escape room in Boston, we’re all about giving you the greatest gaming experience around. Choose from one of our rooms, The Apartment, The Dig or The Clock Tower.