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Escape the Room is a fun, interactive entertainment concept located in Detroit. While it looks like any other ordinary room, it’s actually a real life adventure game designed for small groups of friends, families, co-workers or strangers. Find the hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom and Escape the Room. You have 60 minutes, so be quick! Book today to see if you have what it takes to escape.


Escape the room is filled with a series of challenges you must solve within sixty minutes.   The best advice? Move quickly before the time runs out!

Team Building

The game is designed for intense cooperation and working together. This is a perfect way for the office to get out for a high quality team building exercise.

Special Events

If you would like to have a special event such as your birthday at Escape the Room, make sure to call us! We can help make your experience special and tailored to the amount of people you would like to have.

Fun for All

Escape the Room is for people of all ages and skill sets. You do not need to have any special knowledge to solve the puzzles and have a good time. Just be creative and curious!



Wait, so am I really locked in?


uhhh…I’ve seen movies like that and they don’t end well.

No, not usually.

Hrmphh! That’s not even a sentence much less a question.  Don’t worry we are legally required to let you out of the room. Though finding and solving the clues would be much more satisfying.

Do I need to purchase all the tickets?

Absolutely not. Get one or a few and you’ll be teamed with other people in the same game. Teamwork is not required but you’ll be much more successful if you work with others.

But I only want my group in the room.

Okay, just find a date and time with ALL Tickets available and purchase the block of tickets.


What People Are Saying

“It’s a blast!”Hoda Kotb
Kelly Ripa recommends Escape the Room to Josh Hutcherson


Escape the Room Is Located at 1030 Randolph Detroit, MI  48226


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