The Submarine

Escape The Room NYC, The Submarine, The #1 Escape Room in New York City

Ready for a story-driven adventure under the sea? Enter The Submarine and descend to the bottom of the ocean where you and 7 of your fellow shipmates must navigate the waters, outsmart the insane captain, and reach the surface before your oxygen runs out!

The Clock Tower

Escape The Room NYC, The Clock Tower, The #1 Escape Room in New York City

Take a fabulous trip through time in The Clock Tower. The timekeeper has been stuck in a time warp and needs your help to get things back on track. This time loop is for 10 players. Can you rally your team to help the timekeeper and escape in under 60 minutes?

The Dig

Escape The Room New York – The #1 Escape Room Game – Play The Best Escape Room In The Country

A small group of 8 excavators has been called to the deep and harrowing depths of the earth where they’re left in the dark in more ways than one. The Dig is one of our most exhilarating rooms where you’ll have the opportunity to solve a mystery as you make your way to salvation and the upper surface. Can your ideas help light the way out in under 60 minutes?

The Home

The Home is a Victorian-themed mystery for six players. Something is amiss in this elaborate abode and you’re trapped inside. You have one hour before…

The Office

The Office, for up to 10 players, is our original game. Everyone’s worst nightmare in real life – you’re stuck at work and can’t leave. You have one hour before the boss returns or you’ll be there forever.

About Escape The Room

Escape The Room’s five exclusive escape room experiences are filled with secrets and mystery, but we operate with full disclosure when it comes to informing you about who we are and what we do as the original escape room in New York City. Just don’t expect to have any information handed to you when it comes to making your way out of The Dig, The Office, The Home, The Submarine or The Clocktower.