Jurassic Escape

Step up and save Los Angeles. An evil corporation is using cloned dinosaurs as trained predators in the Glendale Galleria. You and your team need to stop them! Avoid detection, stop their cloning process and don’t get caught by one of the loose dinosaurs in Jurassic Escape.

Western Bank Heist


Saddle up for a trip to the old west in Western Bank Heist. You and 11 others must rob a bank and get out with all the loot in less than 60 minutes. Conjure up your best Billy the Kid attitude and get ready to work against the clock.

The Clock Tower

Take a fabulous trip through time in The Clock Tower. The timekeeper has been stuck in a time warp and needs your help to get things back on track. This time loop is for 10 players. Can you rally your team to help the timekeeper and escape in under 60 minutes?

About Escape The Room

Escape the Room LA has three exclusive unique escape rooms located in the Glendale Galleria. Each of our rooms will put your brains to the test to see if you can escape the rooms in under 60 minutes. Can you figure out the clues of The Clock Tower, Jurassic Escape or Western Bank Heist before time runs out?