Escape Rooms are not for the faint of heart. They require ambition, collaboration, determination and a clever, constantly tinkering mind. If you have an Escape the Room event coming up, brush up on the tips below for how to solve escape rooms, and impress your team with your knowledge and wit. Tips on How to Win an Escape Room Challenge: Listen to each other Listening is the bigger part of communication, and communication is key

History of Escape Room Games

Escape rooms might be one of the country’s favorite new group entertainment activities, but escape the room concepts are far from new. These sweetly challenging game settings were popularized more than a decade ago in Asia and before their rise into popular culture, history told accounts of their mentally tantalizing origins. Before you and your group come in to escape our clever escape set-ups, take a minute to soak up escape room history and the
When it comes to rallying your office together for a team building event, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make the activity the most worthwhile. Let’s check them out. How to Organize a Team Building Event Connect the dots between activity and work environment Team building activities are incredible for understanding team dynamics through a new lens. Before selecting any outside team building event center, make a list of what it